Who is Jesus?
Can you know him personally?
What does this mean for your life?
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The spiritual questions of life...

Jesus frequently encountered people with spiritual questions. They wanted to know how to live life more fully. They wanted to connect with God. They wanted to love others more deeply and authentically. They wanted to experience God’s forgiveness for their failures and mistakes. They wanted to understand how to pray, how to worship, how to understand the bible. They wanted to be healed.
To such people Jesus frequently offered
a simple invitation “Follow me.”

You might be asking… “What did Jesus mean by that?”

To those he spoke with directly in biblical times, it was often quite literal. He was inviting them to go with him, to stay with him as he journeyed throughout Palestine, teaching and healing.

Today, we can follow Jesus by reading his teachings in the bible, having personal conversations with God (otherwise known as ‘prayer’) and meeting with others who follow him.

The invitation to follow Jesus is offered as an opportunity to learn from Jesus how to live authentically. The beautiful life Jesus lived—marked by a passionate love for God and a compassion for people, is something we can learn. Humility and forgiveness are traits we can develop. The practices of prayer and worship can be cultivated.

But we need a teacher and an example. Jesus offers to take us on a journey to teach us.

Some people say they can only believe in things they can see….

...God came as a human being so we could see, touch and know him. Jesus was a real person who lived on earth for about 33 years more than 2000 years ago. His life changed our world in ways that positively impact us even today.

Have you looked into the historical evidence for Jesus’ life?

Considering how long ago he lived – it is amazing how many sources refer to him and the richness of the accounts of those who knew him.

The story of Jesus told by an eyewitness has been made into a movie following Matthew’s account word by word.

The most amazingly detailed accounts are in the very ancient text – the bible. As well as the books of the New Testament which were written after Jesus lived on earth, the bible includes the Old Testament – books written over a period of thousands of years before Jesus was born that have detailed prophetic descriptions which foretold specific details about Jesus’ life and death.